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Breast Reconstruction in Dallas, TX & University Park, TX

No one is prepared to hear a diagnosis of an illness affecting your breasts. Most often breast reconstruction is scheduled by women that have had a lumpectomy, single, or double mastectomy. Dr. David Liland of Park Cities Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer reconstructive surgery to those looking to restore their breasts after an illness. It is important to choose an experienced and highly-qualified surgeon for your breast reconstruction. We work to minimize scars and select the right implant option for your individual needs. We are proud to serve clients throughout Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

Breast Reconstruction in Dallas, TX

Experienced Breast Reconstruction Surgeon

One of the greatest privileges of being a plastic surgeon is helping our clients renew their confidence with breast reconstruction. The process of fighting an illness may cause insecurity and emotional difficulties. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and for many patients breast reconstruction surgery is a step toward beating an illness. Every person is different, depending on their existing incision lines, skin elasticity, and implant preferences. Our breast reconstruction surgeon will assess your tissue and help you create breasts that appear normal in shape, size, and appearance.

Breast Reconstruction Surgery 

There are different factors that can make you a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery. Many of our patients find it emotionally and physically rewarding because you may feel as if you have beaten an illness or regained something you thought was lost. We recommend breast reconstruction if you are:

  • Prepared for a Procedure of Several Steps 
  • Have a Realistic Perspective of the Surgery
  • Positive Outlook on the Reconstruction
  • Coping Well with Your Diagnosis
  • No Additional Medical Concerns

Breast reconstruction tends to be a more complicated procedure than other types of breast surgery, so our surgeon will take the time to explain every step and potential outcome prior to your surgery.

Schedule a Free Consultation for Breast Reconstruction

If you think it is time for you to finally schedule your breast reconstruction or you are facing a diagnosis and want to learn more about the procedure, schedule a free consultation with our breast reconstruction surgeon.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our breast augmentation surgeon. We are proud to be conveniently located for to clients from the communities of Dallas, University Park, Oak Cliff, Cedar Crest, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Irving, Garland, Richardson, and Carrollton, Texas.